Friday, 29 November 2013

History of tournaments

We thought it might be interesting to create a list of all tournaments held in SWAT4 so far. It is not complete yet and any help is welcome. Especially witnesses of early years of this game could provide useful information. And of course the list will be updated and article re-published once the two current tournaments are over so do your best there to see your clan tag in it.

   Year        Mode            1st                 2nd           3rd            Teams            Organizer       
2017 VIP »Cartel« qRage |WM| 7 SWAT4 tournament
2016 VIP, RD, BS qRage »Cartel« eLe| 6 SWAT4 ProEvents
2016 BS 2on2 eLe| bu| aka |SaD| katane & qRage 16 SWAT4 tournament
2015 RD bH ||ESA|| ghost 4 SWAT4 tournament
2015 VIP |SoH| aka |WM| ghost ||ESA|| 6 SWAT4 tournament
2015 RD PT| qRage ||ESA|| & »Cartel« 8 ||ESA|| clan
2014 VIP |WM| & qRage N/A N/A 7 SWAT4 tournament
2013 VIP |WM| »Cartel« JF|| 10 ||ESA|| clan
2013 RD |WM| FoX| »Cartel« 8 Just Frags clan
2013 VIP Turkey Germany Russia 8 SWAT4 tournament
2012 BS <|OPP|> «|PGÖ|» wtF 19 Polski turniej
2012 BS |SaD| qRage Seal 43 SWAT4 tournament
2012 BS eLe| InCoGniTo Seal 16 National League
2012 VIP 3A|» hfbc|| |DWMT| 7 SWAT4 tournament
2012 RD FoX| eLe| HaX| 24 SWAT4 tournament
2012 BS wtF nRx FoX| 6 nRx clan
2011 VIP |WM| {SoE} |Fs| 15 SWAT4 tournament
2011 VIP |WM| MF|| |FA| 11
2011 RD |WM| FoX| Wh 16 European League
2011 BS |SaD| qRare| Gue ? European League
2011 BS |G3|| Seal |SaD| ? European League
2010 VIP Turkey Czech rep. Slovakia ?
2010 RD |»Delta«| |(MrPB)| <ND> 17 SWAT4 tournament
2010 VIP |»Delta«| |MYT| |WM| 14 ClanBase
2008 VIP {SoE} {KL} <|USSR|> 12 SWAT4 tournament
2008 VIP |MYT| «LSF» |WM| 16 ClanBase
2006 VIP GUI |MYT| NRU 12 ClanBase
2005 RD s4se SoF DGSE 21 ClanBase