Thursday, 21 November 2013

Yet another must-be article about <<{PVP}>> member

Today I had to lock the discussion under the introductory article of <<{PVP}>> clan, because their members had been coming here and using inappropriate language. They complained we accused them of cheats unjustly. Few moments later I checked their web and saw a link to their new blog. And what I found there was the most astonishing self-bust ever. Check second picture in this section where they say they are using admin panel. In the back-ground on the left side of the screen you can see white small square in a bigger grey transparent square. Radar. This further proves how endlessly stupid cheaters can be. Because the screen will be probably removed after they see this article, I made a copy:

Will this finally open their leader's eyes?

As you already know, Casey and StoneCold erased the proof. But they did is so stupidly that at first they only removed the white square, but transparent radar square was still unedited. On top of it, they started claiming it was us who used photoshop, and the original is on their web (you can see their lies in their old chatbox). Later they removed the whole blog and the poorly edited picture was on gallery in their website. After they saw we are having fun on their brainlessness, they removed it also from there.

And here is another quality stuff from StoneCold. Few days before this article, he joined ||ESA|| server with my nickname and he conducted an "interview". Look at the questions he asked (taken from server logs thanks to ||ESA|| clan):

[20/11/2013 16:41]: AdminMsg: FoX|Mig connected (
[20/11/2013 16:44]: Say: FoX|Mig: Hi all. Can i make 1 interview with ESA players ?
[20/11/2013 16:44]: Say: FoX|Mig: I just want ask you some questions.
[20/11/2013 16:45]: Say: FoX|Mig: Not fire. We making interview from game now
[20/11/2013 16:45]: Say: FoX|Mig: Anyway who want to answer, he can.
[20/11/2013 16:46]: Say: FoX|Mig: 1. What do you thing about some cheaters.
[20/11/2013 16:46]: Say: FoX|Mig: I will take your answers to Swat 4 News so ...
[20/11/2013 16:47]: Say: FoX|Mig: 2. Do you know PVP cheaters ?
[20/11/2013 16:47]: Say: FoX|Mig: Which cheats he use ?
[20/11/2013 16:48]: Say: FoX|Mig: Next question . We know about StoneCold from PVP. What do you think about him ?
[20/11/2013 16:48:56]: Say: FoX|Mig: What do you think about JF clan ?
Anyone else asking what's going on in this guy's mind?