Monday, 4 November 2013

<<{PVP}>> clan - all you (don't) need to know

While the eyes of S4 community are focused on interesting things going on in ESA VIP tournament, there are also other stories to tell. Like the one about "new" VIP clan named Professional VIP players established only a week ago. Their absence in the aforementioned tournament is the first sign, that it won't be so hot with their professionalism. But who are they?

If you remember our article about {<BoS>} clan, you know the basics. Same leader and similar attitude to cheaters. And we do not mean only ex-cheaters. We witnessed a round when their member StoneCold (xfire: stone1cold2) used long-arms in front of leader's very eyes and he is still on the roster. They have clean players too but their level of skill can be described as "beginners forever". With such attributes we do not expect this project to survive this year.