Thursday, 26 July 2012

Personal interview with |WM|KrazyFire

Tell us about yourself, which clan you reside in, and your history in SWAT (other clans [if any], amount of time spent in clan, roles and responsibilities in clan etc)

Having started with World Mafia as an eager secondary school kid with a fair amount of spare time the ensuing transition to sleepless university "student" has seen my attention span for and devotion to the clan take a complete nosedive. In this Q and A I thought I might muse on what I have seen of the last 7 years of SWAT 4. 

So anyway I am Subhan Mirza, friends know me as Subby and online players know me as KF, KrazyFire and Mylo, born and raised in Scotland (United Kingdom). I have been in World Mafia for 7 years, maybe in this day and age I'm called old school because I don't clan jump like all these new lowly educated people I see in SWAT 4 today.

At the beginning of the clan we were so disorganized like what I see in many low clans like SoH, FU etc and I see that most of them have been in a clan for so long but how many old generation players do they have? I guess none. But since I was a school kid I didn't know much at the time but we as a group of 3 founders quickly adapted into our new success and changed the clan within the first few months due to our overwhelming popularity. Then when we started the trial period for members we needed a greater responsibility approach(This has been working since 2006).

I haven't joined any other clans because there is no need to all, everything I wanted was in World Mafia even though Swat 4 has turned into a noob fest in public servers, we moved to other games like Call of Duty 4 and some coop games.

Rap version yo
Now this is the story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down and I'd like to take a minute just sit right there,
In south Glasgow born and raised on the playground where I spent most of my days chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool and shooting some b-ball outside of the school when a couple of guys, they were up to no good started making trouble at my high school,
I got in one little fight and my mom got scared and said "Here ya go play this game called SWAT 4" I started my pc and then I loaded the game and when it came on it the game said "Join Game" and so I chose ViP on MYT, 

If anything I could say that this server was awesome but I thought nah, forget it, yo homes to SeS. I met up with about seven or eight players and I yelled to the people "Lets start clan!" looked at my kingdom I was finally there to sit on my throne as the Founder of the clan.

What is your greatest personal achievement in SWAT? (This could be playing in a famous war and helping the team to win etc)

So start of 2006 we started playing tactical, playing wars and having fun as a team. We then entered SWAT 4 Clanbase 5 vs 5 ViP Cup which we got to the semi-finals of but then we had less players online at the time so we used a substitute who wasn't registered in the team list and we got disqualified. I can't forget that moment because things went down, some members left because we lost that cup and we went into inactivity for a few months but we stuck around with a slow 2007 and in 2008 for the next Clan base we came back with our team Bean, Euska, Devel, Me and Whitewolf. We won 3rd place but the best match I played in my life was 2008 WM vs. LSF (pre-Delta). We were in the last map score tied at 2-2 in the last round, match was going our way because we arrested the ViP and 20 seconds were left to kill him and 40-60 seconds left till the round ends. Then that lucky :P LSF thegame goes kamikaze and kills 3 of us and other guys kill me and devel. They freed the ViP and they won the best game of my life, props to them (link; After that we continued being active dominating the scene under Delta till now. We are now back from inactivity so come and challenge us @ or join us ;) we are recruiting solid players.

What is your current view of the SWAT community? Is it sliding towards an inevitable death or are there ways we can keep it alive and kicking?

Perhaps deep down some naive portion of my inner self was hoping that things would change, and I thought SWAT 4 would progress to being more than just a bunch of 5 year olds engaging in a pissing up the wall contest (OMG OMG I killed 4 people in a row I am Godlike or enter any Sonny phrase here

More troubling than this sorry state of affairs are the parallels to one, two, even three years ago. The same old gripes keep coming up. SWAT 4 is outdated! The game is dying! Seriously, if I had a penny for every time I heard that I would have enough to buy the SWAT Franchise and start SWAT 5.

So to the first, really guys? The only major change I have seen is less 1.1 players and more 1.0 players = more low brain level players and less educated players. Personally I think SWAT 4 should maybe one day (when it's on its final legs) decide to move to one version of the game -  I know this is a terrible idea but suffice to say that it is a drastic and unnecessary change that benefits the few at the expense of the many (current and future) lower down the game's life.

(FUN) As a proud Pakistani, on a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you hate Indians in general?

In a personal level I treat everyone equally, I have 2 Indian friends at my University who I talk to at least 2-3 times a week because right now they are home for the holidays or when we are at Uni we have lunch etc together.

The reason I think you are asking me this question is because I think I often make fun of them on forums and servers; I just do that for shit and giggles. I just do it to provoke them to say something stupid or bullshit like the other day I was talking to an Indian player who was looking for Michal and asked me where I am from. I said I'm in the UK and I'm Pakistani and he started to call me a terrorist then I called him a cow ****er then sent an image of a greasy faced brown guy to him with caption: Hello brother my name is Paul how can I help you with your servicings?

After that he either left or the electricity got cut :P. Anyway scale 1-10 how much I hate them in general 1 being lowest and 10 being highest I would say 2 except when it comes to cricket it becomes an 8.