Monday, 9 July 2012

Interview with {KL}James_Bond

1 KL was born around 2006-07, but was restarted last year. Why did it initially die and what was the inspiration to bring it back?

To be honest with you KL never “died” it was just inactive. The reason it went inactive was because we had an older generation of KL - some got married, others started working; some had children and so forth. It was therefore quite hard to keep the clan together. However, it was brought back to life because we realised there were still KL members who were relatively active, who were still using the tag and were still playing SWAT 4. From the day it “died” many members tried their hardest to make things work again - and now we’re back! I also forgot to mention, the older generation members are starting to make a return too.

2 Do you sometimes feel KL is slightly separated from the ViP 1.0 community due to its unique 1.1-style rules?

To be honest with you, No. We have members from different clans playing on our servers everyday. KL also plays in different clan servers on a regular basis. We have friends from clans all over SWAT 4. Members from different clans interact with us on our forums and server. We have participated in many friendly matches with several 1.0 clans.  

3 What is your current view of the SWAT community? Is it sliding towards an inevitable death or are there ways we can keep it alive and kicking?

I think most people will agree with me when I say, the SWAT community is not as strong as it used to be back in the day. But there are positives - clans are recruiting new people, new people are starting to play the game etc. However, I think it's very difficult to keep the game alive because people grow older, they become bored of the game, new and better games come out, people move on to bigger challenges in their lives i.e. university and work. But on the other hand, people are still playing this game although it is 7 years old which is a positive I guess.  

4 Apart from ViP, which other game mode do you prefer in any (and why?)

As a clan, other than VIP, it's preferable to play RD because it's a very tactical related game mode. It also brings our clan together because we use TeamSpeak to communicate and generally it's very fun to play especially when members like myself don't know where the bombs are. It becomes more of a challenge to find them.

5 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you give them a second chance?

I like to give people second chances. Our friendship would not be over because of a major gaming mistake. 

6 There is a new BS tournament coming soon, with a whopping 100+ euro prize. Will you be participating?

I won't personally participate as I will be away on tour with my football team. However, members in the clan will take part in this tournament and we're all very excited and can't wait for the tournament to start. It's good to have these tournaments. Although they're competitive, it's also a great opportunity to meet new people & make new friends.