Saturday, 21 July 2012

OPINION: Certain unassailable skill level?

First opinion article in some time; I decided to raise the topic of SWAT 4 "skill" levels. I hear many times there are skill "groups" in SWAT, from the "noobish" to the good to the top one, "pro". Within "pro" itself, there are apparently even more divisions. I will use Delta team as an example, since it seems most people see them as the highest level one can aspire to reach in this game (NOT as an attack at them).   Some of their members are regarded as the best SWAT players in the community. This makes me wonder, what is the difference between these individual players and other quality players in the game?

There comes a point when you know pretty much everything there is to know whilst playing - when to use cams, at which specific points in maps your opponent is likely to arrive, footsteps, changing spawn points, where exactly nades are and aren't effective and much more. So it makes me question, what puts these individual players in a supposedly higher class than others? What do they have that is extra than in other players? 

It could be totally wrong, but in my opinion there are at least 30-50 equally talented players in this game, all of the highest level. You cannot single out one or two as "the greatest ever", because I just fail to see what more you can learn and achieve after you have reached a high level. The only difference I can point out is people having better PCs, or faster internet connections to reduce lag and have a steady FPS, which may give them a slight bigger advantage to others. However, regarding "skills" alone, I see very little difference between all the top players in the game. Remember, this is not an aim to attack Delta team or their achievements, it's about  these assumed "skill divisions" within the highest level out there, which I don't agree with, even if it's a pointless article.