Saturday, 28 April 2012

XoX_Cz's cheating history

Some may remember the name {B4E}GLaDOS, the man who was caught by UAC on January 22nd this year, with screenshots showing folders named "SWAT 4 Hacks" visible on his desktop. After a tip-off from an anonymous person, we found that that his past history lied in Shadow of Heroes ViP clan - he used the nickname «|SoH|»XoX. He made his own free ucoz website showing videos of himself using hacks in SWAT 4 as well as supposedly providing links to where others could download them, which lead to him being kicked from SoH (you heard that right). We are told the site was taken down a few days after he was kicked. 

Right now we are unaware as to which clan he resides in (if any), but a clan giving this player a third chance - after ex-B4E leader famously said: "if our bro GLaDOS cheat 1000 time he will still be in the house" -  is not out of the question.