Monday, 16 April 2012

Interview with FoX|Mig

1 The Rapid Deployment area in 1.0 has very little activity with only a few active servers. Why do you think this is the case?

Since I started playing SWAT4 (4 years ago?) RD was the mode with least servers. BS being first, maybe also thanks to the fact that it is first in the list when you filter servers. I'm not sure why was it like that back then. Today, new RD clans still emerge. But in this mode, there are few clans that really know how to play this mode (WM, KL and some BS 1.1 clans are also able to form strong RD teams for tournaments). Now imagine, a new clan appears and we, like carnivores immediately challenge them for war. Look their forums: me, Sabbath or Freddy/EmoPig are spamming everywhere :) The match usually ends 8:0, 6:0. Rarely new clan wins one round. It must be pretty disappointing for them so they loose motivation and change to BS or VIP, where you can find a number of clans of all quality levels - everyone can choose an appropriate opponent.

2 What is your opinion of other established RD clans such as EPIC, as well as newer clans such as VGC?
We love EPIC, they are our best friends. We have admin passwords for each other servers to help them keep clean. Though sometimes we have our little arguments, for example about FoX misusing admin pwd on EPIC server and vice versa :)
It was nice to see a clan from Croatia - VGC - emerging on scene. Unfortunately, in our first match one of their members got caught by UAC (claiming UAC detected his single player cheats). I wish them long history, although I pretty doubt they will survive their first year.

3 Apart from RD, which other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?
I used to play VIP a lot, on WRS server mainly, because they had faster speed on it. Nowadays, we as a clan focus on BS. We have some new but experienced players focused on this mode. Another reason for moving into BS is, that many our old RD players moved to BF3. But if new RD tournament is organized, they will awake from SWAT4 grave and fight like before.

4 The never-ending debate about which version is better - 1.0 or 1.1; what is your view on this?
If you want to play VIP, go to 1.1. You can have more fun there. On 1.0 probably only KL server is fine, but I don't have very good overview because I play VIP really rarely. If you make some kills on 1.0 always someone cries "camper" even if you run like Ben Johnson all the time.

On the other hand, I really don't understand that "pro" attitude of 1.1 BS players. If you meet them on 1.0 and kill them, they start crying "omg, bugged 1.0". They maybe think that when playing on 1.0 they become immortal, untouchable. Also, after you achieve a certain level of skill many people start loosing their good manners. We played a match in BS 1.1 league recently and those guys (a well-established 1.1 clan) were trying to insult us all round. I am asking - is skill all that creates the image of a clan?

5 As a clan leader how do you avoid recruiting clan-jumpers who have the sole aim to obtain a high rank and admin power?
First, I am not clan leader. Our clan leader is Spider and he is the right person for this position. My position is officially SWAT4 team leader, but every member has his freedom to organize matches, doing admin work, voting, etc., providing he/she...uhm, wait, we have no "she" in clan :( ... acts responsibly and maintains good image of the clan. I know sometimes we don't act as admins should, we can loose our temper and ban people for small things, but you can still come to our web and discuss it, we can accept our mistake when we calm down :)

In FoX, we don't have ranks, maybe in large clans they make sense, I am not sure. Once you get accepted (which takes 1-2 months, and we don't even have recruit tag/rank) you get admin pwd or even webadmin if you ask for it. But this month or two usually gives us enough time to get to know the applicant. Also, only people who really want to join are willing to wait that long. Usually this works very well. I remember only 2 people from SWAT team leaving for another clan in whole our history, and this was more than a year ago.

6 What would your advice be to new clans setting up in order to become successful?
Pay no mercy to cheaters. Learn from better players, even if it hurts. Try to maintain good relations with other clans, at least with those that are worth it.

7 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?
If you ask about keeping such person in clan, for me personally definitely no. I don't care for reasons and circumstances - no matter if it's downloaded game or intentional cheating. The only difference would be, that if he cheated accidentally he would not be banned on servers, only expelled from clan. UAC check is part of our recruitment. And since no-recoil is probably not detected by UAC (if it's ini modification), we focus also on checking the recoil. If we speak about a person outside of clan, I can forgive being caught if I believe that person did not cheat intentionally.

8 What is your opinion of SoH vip clan, and do you feel sorry for their junior members who do not have a clue as to the activities of the guys above them (clan control)?
SoH is not the only clan tolerating cheaters. Same is BoS, TRS (some people there are nice, but wtf, so many players there caught by UAC), oWn on 1.1 (now renamed to k1x).
Regarding members who do not know about their leader - well, if they play clean and are having fun in SoH then also existence of SoH makes sense. No matter how weird it may seem for us.

9 Would you regard winning the latest ViP tournament as a greater achievement then winning the RD tournament held in late 2011/early 2012?
We won't win this tourno, we joined mainly to support this event. hfbc or 3A are those who should prove their VIP qualities, half of our tournament players still don't know the Brewer map well. And no, it would not be a bigger success. Winning RD tournament was our goal for years. In previous two tournaments we were second after loosing final game against Delta and WM. So finally, we were successful also in the final.

10 What is your personal prediction for the release date of UAC 4?
I don't think UAC4 is so important for SWAT. Not much will change for players of this game, maybe added server IP and port will be interesting. About release date - I remember DExUS saying it will be definitely by the end of year 2011 :) So I will only say: let's hope it is before the end of the world.