Tuesday, 3 April 2012

UAC, April-fools and more

The latest "high-profile" UAC 1.0 cheater was polish player Sonny, although arguments have risen since this incident, as many of his close friends 'know' that he does not cheat (in 1.1), while the player himself states he was "testing 1.0 cheats a long time ago and forgot to remove them". It brings up the same old topic; since UAC doesn't state whether cheats were in use or not, are more innocent players being banned, or is it completely their fault for clicking "I agree" when UAC warns them not to use cracked games with possible pre-included cheats?

In other news, it seems clans did not share many public April 1st Fools jokes - UAC themselves used an "International Space Station" joke on their website, with the first ever earth-space LAN party and laser datas from the Eiffel Tower to compensate for the lag. More of that here