Thursday, 12 April 2012

Range IP of world-class clan jumper

A couple of months back we wrote about a clan jumper called Vishal, and the 14-year-old has continued his acts in recent weeks. Here is a full account of his most recent activity:

-Joins UFF with nickname Trojan. Eventually leaves them, saying he is 'leaving' SWAT 4. Leaving post link
-Just a few minutes later on the same day, asks to join SoH. Gets accepted on same day in SoH (link unavailable due to SoH site hackings)
-Leaves SoH 2 weeks later, applies to join {|4U|} with nickname Godzilla
-Gets no reply, so goes to US forums and applies there with nick Smog US Apply link
-Gets no reply again, starts begging to get accepted
-Makes another apply topic on US forums, with nickname Matrix (link unavailable, topic likely deleted)
-Gets rejected again. But this doesn't the stop the little boob. Applies for a third time in US, this time with nick No_One. Claiming he is from Finland, gets a recruit *R rank, but now likely to get kicked again.

Now the important bit - for all clans, if you recieve an application topic in the future from someone with IP range 122.164.*.*, it's likely to be the same child. Thanks to {|4U|}JoJo for acquiring this info.