Thursday, 19 December 2013

Interview with »Cartel«BrK

There were very few interviews in a long time, so as a Christmas treat here is the second in the space of a week. Time for a chat with BrK (xfire: wannalife):

1 Tell us about yourself, an overview of your SWAT history…

I started SWAT4 (my first online game) 6-7 years ago after being asked by Gunes, my uncle, in 1.1. At first, we joined AiR clan which was originally ViP mode. Playing there a couple of years with the likes of Xabi, Ocboo, Micro and Tyler, I learnt the game well.  Thanks Xabii for everything :) I played so much with LSF and AE which was the core of the old Delta. Then Gunes left the game but I continued. A few years later AiR got closed - some members joined ELF, some WM and some left. I joined WM with Xabi and met some Turks there such as HecToR, KrAQL, ViRuS and SilverKnight. With this team including Storm and Kamikaze, we participated in the original Nation’s cup. Then I left 1.1 since it was going inactive and came to 1.0. In TRS I met VaLeRa who is now my best friend here. It was a Turkish clan and after playing there for so much time, we founded Cartel.

2 What do you believe is your greatest personal achievement in SWAT?

I guess that it was the World Cup; I was in the team that became champion in the golden era of SWAT4 and when the Turks were at their best.

3 What is your view of the SWAT community currently?

There are no serious wars currently.  Thus there is no fun except for the tournaments.  We can call it inactive or at least not as active as before. But until the last player leaves this game, it will survive..

4 What can we expect in the future from Cartel?

The ESA Tournament was the last activity of our clan in SWAT4. Although, if there are new tournaments in the future we could possibly partake in them. We are considering to try new games for sure. Some of us are already playing BF4 and MW3 etc.

5 You recently helped Cartel to 2nd place in the ESA tourney. Sum up your feelings over the course of the tournament.

It was a good time to play some serious wars after a long time.  I enjoyed it but would have enjoyed more if I could play with a good pc for one time in SWAT4. The final match was very exciting though. Both teams were unlucky but the flash-kill made my day as I have been trying to do it for years but couldn't do it. It was a thrilling match and Rugi... give back my hair!

Any other comments?

After 7 years, I think it is best to leave the game here. I have no more have fun in SWAT4 but I will miss it for sure - even though I couldn't ever play this game with a decent pc.Good luck in the future guys ;)