Monday, 28 October 2013

^TF^Clan leader Bazz busted on his own server

^TF^Clan was created only recently, focusing on CO-OP mode and custom maps. They also proclaimed to be strictly against cheating. Unfortunately they were so strict that more clean players were banned unjustly. Yesterday they had their first match in BS mode against pFF and surprisingly, clan leader Bazz got busted with aimbot/wallhack running on his PC. He immediately came up with a story of "someone called max who came through my team speak and injected something onto my computer". UAC logs reveal he had folder "C:\Users\Richard\Desktop\Aimbot\" on his PC, so this story, to put it mildly, can be credible only to the naive.

Recently a new trend emerged of more cheaters caught on TSS than on 1.0/1.1. {KGB} clan had to deal with another cheater in their ranks, this time a recruit called Justice. He was kicked almost immediately.

Clan bOmBeR MasTeRz (tag BM|) recruited a player called AkAHawk (xfire: jjhawky) who was caught on UAC with all possible cheats in his game folder (account 1, account 2, account 3). Noteworthy could be they also recruited two players with cheating history who are also members of pFF clan - Achint and Diablo.

Turkish wierdo BoSS Legend (xfire: vietmusou) was also busted. From time to time he starts some ridiculous clan like NwA, so better avoid him.