Monday, 20 May 2013

Dubious start, silly continuation

Two clans built on bad leadership and poor recruiting process were mentioned recently - |URT| and BoS. How are they doing now?

We issued a warning regarding the first one in the article from April. Since then, two more of their players were busted. First, it was Neitan in a clanwar vs JustFrags. Later, the co-leader Ronnie (xfire: drunkenmaster40) followed him. Clan leader Reisp reacted with his expulsion from the clan. Well done I hear you say? No way in |URT|. On the very next day Ronnie reapplied to the clan and was given a recruit rank. Also, he is in |URT| roster for a new Polish BS 3vs3 league (though that most probably will be just another unsuccessful tournament attempt). Attitude of all 1.0 Polish clans towards cheating is benevolent. Clans like |URT|, DoK|» and recently also JustFrags welcome proven cheaters with open arms.

BoS clan did not attract much players since its rebirth. And from the few, a Honduran called SkrillexXx was busted by UAC. By now, he is still in the clan and the only reaction of clan leader upon hearing this was "lol".