Monday, 21 May 2012

Interview with |WM|SabbatH

1 WM clan has gone into general inactiveness over the past few months. Do you plan to bring a permanent server into 1.0 or do you think the inactiveness occurs because of a different issue?  

Recently our 1.1 server has been empty but I would not say that we are inactive. WM members play from time to time on other servers. As a team we had 2 matches in April and about 9 in the year…so that’s not so bad. But of course “golden era” of Swat 4 has ended long time ago. In the past we had a 1.0 public server but you need many active admins to keep it full so currently we are not planning to open one. We create 1.0 servers only for matches which require servers with password.

2 Apart from ViP, which other game mode do you prefer if any (and why)?  

We are VIP based clan, but we play RD mode regularly. We even took part in several tournaments with some achievements - we were 4th in 2010 and we won an RD tournament in 2011. In the last RD tournament (2011) we ended in a quarterfinal stage after losing against HaX. So in general we enjoy that mode. But in my personal opinion VIP mode is still the most tactical one in Swat 4 but in RD you need also a good strategy to win.

3 The never-ending debate about which version is better - 1.0 or 1.1; what is your view on this?

Both versions have good players, but for me it is a shame that this great game is divided in to two. 1.1 patch adds 3 maps, reduces the amount of bugs so you get only benefits. Why people don't want to upgrade their game…that's a question for which I cannot find a logical answer. One day would be great to see a united community, but that won't happen.  

4 As a clan leader how do you avoid recruiting clan-jumpers who have the sole aim to obtain a high rank and admin power?  

When we recruit people in WM we give a 2 week trial period to check that person. If that person did well during that time, he/she can become a full member. But we grant admin power only after longer time - 2 or 3 months. And giving admin power is like a reward to a member which is a trustful person and showed his commitment to the clan.

5 If one of your friends was caught on UAC, would you do what most seem to do and give them a second chance (with a clean second account)?  

In WM we adopted a zero tolerance policy to UAC-caught people. In the past we had such member (Highlander) and we kicked him from the clan. Such talk that someone was just testing cheats or that he did not knew that he had them on his PC are just foolish.  

6 What is your opinion of SoH vip clan, and do you feel sorry for their junior members who do not have a clue as to the activities of the guys above them (clan control)?

I did not play often on SoH server but I know that their leaders are well known cheaters. Junior members of SoH should be informed / warned about that. In the end they should find other clans or try to change the leadership. I know that the second point will be hard to do. Also I think that the isolation of SoH by other clans would be a good idea.  

7 How do you think future wars between WM and 1.0 clans can happen? With a mix of 1.0 and 1.1 style rules or for you to totally adapt to 1.0 rules (since 1.1 in general is dead)?  

We were/are/will be always opened to new challenges. But the rules must be playable ;). Invitations are welcome!