Sunday, 27 May 2012

1.0 ViP Premier League 2012 Summary

Champions: 3A|»
Runners-up: hfbc||
3rd place: |DWMT|

Fair play award: WRS (no yellow cards, mostly always happy to play 4v4 when other team asked)

How the League was won
Consistency away from home was what earned 3A the title. They were the only team to win all their away matches (as SWAT), coincidentally all by a 2-1 margin.

Team of the tournament
Hermes - was the stand out in a star-studded outfit
Mig - 95% of the most skilful SWAT 4 players around tend to be loud-mouths. This man is in the 5%
MrJack - produced consistently outstanding performances for his team
MrA! - captained his side to a memorable 3rd place finish
Venyk - a quality player and surprise package of the league

N.B. This team is compiled based on performances IN this league; not on players' reputations.

Massive thanks to:
-          Referees {FAB}MK and {SoE}FleX; without them this tournament would’ve been impossible
-          Nagi for lending a quality European server for most part (to 3A and FoX for lending temporary ones),
-          PimpMyGun and the forum team for allowing use of the SWAT 4 Tournament forum,
-          and finally, to all clans that took part and fulfilled their matches

On a last note, here is the rushed Tournament video, made using mainly the video material of the hfbc 3A match. All credits to SkyWalker for turning some crap video-taking into decent quality. Enjoy!