Friday, 15 August 2014

Custom maps: Stamford Bridge & Sky Tower Offices

For those who follow football, you can now visit Chelsea FC's home stadium in SWAT4 with the Stamford Bridge custom map. As the author gohnarjohn describes, this is not a proper map because I believe you can only run around the field and there aren't extra rooms or stands that you can explore. There are a few civilians you can deal with though (if one of them represents Jose Mourinho, you could shoot him).

The second map - Sky Tower Offices - was created by induktio and is more complex, with different entry points and many suspects. There are also a few easter eggs in this map, one of which could cause you to die very easily if you are not careful. It is well worth a look and the download links for both of these maps can be found below (tested working on 1.0). 

Stamford Bridge stadium                                                          Sky Tower Offices
Swat 4 map. Stamford bridge stadiumSky Tower Offices