Saturday, 8 March 2014

Barely-known console commands

There are a set of console commands that are known by the vast majority of players. However, the following video shows the use of 3 different codes which are scarcely known in the community. Due to the dangerous nature of these commands, the specific codes will not be shared publicly. 

Video transcript:
00:00-00:35 Switching team while tazed (or any form of hit), meaning you can always avoid arrest. If you are the VIP, it can force the entire round to end.
00:35-1:05 Though not perfect, the ability to see through walls using a single code.
1:05-1:35 The ability to see your health level in terms of a number - look carefully at 2nd paragraph of white writing [You might have to visit Vimeo site to ensure HD video enabled]. Can be interesting to see how much each type of penetration affects your health numerically (in this case a nade).

A "part two" may be released with a few more commands next month. Thanks to |MYT|BaDTimE for providing info on most of the commands.